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RCG Media Group and AMI Radio Present The Journey

Bradenton Beach, FL -

Calling all music lovers. Now is the time to turn up your listening dial. AMI Radio and its partners have teamed up to create a television series “The Journey.” Actually our mantra pretty much says it all: "It's not the destination, it's The Journey."

The Journey highlights independent musicians, singers and songwriters and their stories, their Journey if you will, from their roots to where they are now and where they hope to go in the future. We will share with you live performances and what it really takes behind the scenes to get ready for a couple hours on stage. Countless hours of writing, playing and practicing to bring a 3 minute song to the world stage. You will see it live as the artists create their own original Journey song, a rare look behind the curtain to see how it's really done. We will take you inside the recording studio for a front row view of live recording sessions, share the hard work that goes into making that MAGIC track.

There will be interviews, stories and adventures, but our personal favorites are the little segments called "Journey Journals", a quiet time, end of day moment when the artists finally stop and reflect on the day.

Starting in the Sarasota, Florida area with the first season, a mecca for independent artists. Throughout the season the area will be highlighted as a music mecca and what draws creatives to the area, covering venues, festivals, etc. The following seasons will be set in musical cities around the country with a popular independent artists from the area hosting each season. The cast must be independent artists who are excelling in their musical careers. They all have produced multiple albums and have a desire to continue spreading their music across the world using technology, music sales, live performances, cross country tours, festivals, charity events, music videos, etc.


The Journey cast artists: Barry Coggins and Kevin Douglas as 360 Degrees; Scott Ramsey as Beach Bum Pirate; David Smash; DeLaran, Lova Michelle, Claire Franklin, Kat White Star, Pamela Fetterman, and Evan Katz as Waking Giants; Ben Hammond; Michael J. Weiss; and Dean Johanesen. From Rock to Gypsy Jazz, these talented artists have a dream. This reminds us that we are all on a journey.


Studio line: (941) 524 5207

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